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Interview of Keshav Mehta : Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in Bihar

Today we got the chance to interview Keshav Mehta (18), Bihar’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, An author and is the CEO of Kaamchaalu and discussed his Journey toward Success in Digital World. In a QnA, he shared his knowledge about Digital World and How it works.

Interview of Keshav Mehta

What you basically do? Tell us about your journey and what motivated you to think to differ?

I am a digital marketer and a social media marketing expert; I help people in growing their brand, increasing sales from click funnels. My journey to date is full of ups and downs. I was interested in phones and new technologies since childhood. I was studying at Allen Carrer Institute In Kota, Rajasthan, by the end of 2018 I realised that I am good at this and started working as a social media handler and now in just two years I am the CEO of a digital marketing company and I have shares in three companies. Right now planning to establish more startups which will give opportunities to Young Entrepreneurs.

How are you coping up with your fellows as the digital world is very Vibrant and competitive?

Yeah, the digital world is very vibrant and competitive. It keeps on evolving and to cope up with it I keep on learning new things.Β  Since my childhood, I am a good learner which gives me an edge over my fellows as I learn new things very quickly. IΒ  am into Digital Marketing when there were very fewer resources available on the internet to learn from. So I keep On applying the knowledge that I gain every day.

Tell us something about your sales?

I have associated with many individual artists. When I got my first break and after that, IΒ  never looked back. I am dealing with more than 3000 clients right now, which keeps me motivated and keep on working. My motto is not to just earn money daily. I only work to make new clients every day.

I read on many sites, news and magazines, you are the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar, India. How you managed this title?

Yup, I am one of the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar, India and the reason behind it is Positive Mindset. I am 18 right now, and I am the shareholder of three Private Limited companies. I started my company with my friends back in 2020 and managing it as a CEO. I only do my work, and I always give my best to provide the desired results to my clients, and I am good at it. This helps me in earning a lot, and about spending the money I have three companies, and I am planning for more so I spending my fortune in making more fortune. Just kidding, I spent a lot,Β  I have many investments going on which makes my money Growing.

So do you think that you have accomplished everything you wanted?

I have just started. I want to accomplish more and I am working for it. So many more to achieve as I already got featured on Google as the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar which keeps me motivated to Set huge benchmarks in my 20’s.

What suggestions would you like to give to upcoming digital marketers?

Work with a Positive Mindset and patience that is the only way to get success. Getting success is not a one-night thing just keep on working with passion; eventually, you will score big. I know its difficult and heartbreaking when you don’t get success, but you have to keep the faith as the digital world takes time. And one more thing it’s full of opportunities you just need to wait for the right time and when the time is right just cash in. My personal opinion about getting success in digital marketing is to keep things Creative and Beleive in Your works in your field that will make you achieve more success in this changing industry.

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Most people don’t even know that they can earn using social media too, what would you say about it?

β€œI would like to suggest that, this is the age of social media, mostly everyone is active on social media these days so, for once keeping just entertainment aside and using it for timepass only, just utilise it to showcase your talents. Social media is a great platform for all the budding artists! Use it wisely.”

In the end, we would like to thank Keshav Mehta for this amazing interview. It was our pleasure to interview them.


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