Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How pulkit malik became digital sensation ! know more !

When youngsters these days just dream of getting a huge followers base on their social media profiles and wish to have a very luxurious lifestyle, a young boy named Pulkit Malik, being just 18 years old, is already living a dream life! At such a small age, he has not only a big social media base but also lives a lifestyle full of luxury. Hailing from the Capital of India, Delhi, Pulkit has his main hobby as earning money! He’s completely a business-minded, smart person, with a not only smart and rich mind, but looks too! He’s a complete package of smartness and good looks. He takes a lot of care of his fitness too, as he spends a lot of his private time in the gym. You can guess that by his fit and amazing body!

Pulkit, at a very young age, is a very great digital marketer and social media handler and influencer. He has completed his 12th and his current occupation is managing Instagram pages. He started his journey as a social media handler with just 10k followers and now he himself is the owner of 3 popular Instagram accounts with 3m+ followers base. Which is a really huge followers base count! His followers base content and network are about 100m+. These details about him already prove how successful he is as a social media influencer currently. We can call his a self-made millionaire without any doubt too, as he’s really making millions with the help of his skills and sharp mind and is living a very luxurious life.
Pulkit believes in living a free and rich lifestyle. His interests only show that he believes in living a luxurious lifestyle at any cost, and he really lives a luxurious lifestyle. He loves expensive things and only buys branded products. He likes to travel and roam freely every day, and on every weekend he does clubbing. He believes that “A person should earn enough so that he can really live his dream life without thinking about other people”.
Pulkit believes in fitness a lot. He spends a lot of time in the gym and is very fit. With achieving a lot of dream-like things in life, no one can believe that he’s just 18 years old! He’s really an inspiration for youngsters of today’s digital world. They should learn from him how to effectively use mind and develop skills to be a successful social media influencer.
In spite of having a luxurious lifestyle, he’s not the one who has ego within. He’s a very kind and loving person. Being very charming, attractive, humorous and most importantly very kind, people really enjoy his company a lot. He’s really proving to be a very good influencer.
In a capsule, this just 18 years old Delhite boy, Pulkit Malik, is a complete package of inspiration, skills and smartness. He’s setting a benchmark for the current and new influencers by crossing every limit possible, whether it’s about age, money or followers base!



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