A 20 Years old Ethical Hacker and Digital Marketer.

Naushad Kasmani, Founder of PageTraders, specializes in various fields such as Ethical Hacking, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO Marketing , etc. His hunger for learning became a reason for his continual growth.

Naushad, born in Mumbai, got his first mobile phone at the age of 14. He was always keen and curious about knowing how things work on the internet and kept on finding new things on the internet as a computer geek.
 Later, He observed Instagram and started his own agency named PageTraders , the unique idea was that to grow Instagram accounts of different niches till a certain amount of organic followers and then sell it. He was among the first geeks in India to flip Instagram accounts as the new creators would buy the account with a strong foundation. Although, he has been a part of many meme pages with millions of followers as a content creator. He started analyzing and cracking Instagram algorithms(Instagram expert). He sold a number of social media marketing services to his US clients through telegram. He developed digital marketing skills and started handling social media accounts of  various brands and entrepreneurs.
Later on, He developed a deep interest in ethical hacking which made him learn different programming languages , Sniffing, SQL Injection, Social Engineering, Evading Firewalls etc. Though not officially recognized, he possess great skills and immense knowledge in this field. He enjoyed finding bugs and vulnerabilities in web applications. He played a role in creating awareness about information security and cyber crimes.
He truly believes in the principle
‘Hack the hackers before they hack you’
In his free time he gets updated and learns many valuable and useful things.
He believes that one must not be afraid to dream a little bigger.
He is currently pursuing Dentistry and wishes to practice as a Dental Hygienist and a Cyber Security Expert in his free time. He dreams to setup a chain of Dental Clinics all over India under one name. He longs to give equal time to his profession and his personal interests . He believes in overall development in all fields and aspects of life.
He strongly believes –
Knowing something doesn’t change your life. Doing something does.
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