Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mr Paawan, famously known as Punky The Digital Marketing king, know about his journey towards ruling the market

It is correctly said that to be an overachiever in any field, proper skills and knowledge play the most crucial role, which this young man named Mr Paawan from Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (Punjab), proved absolutely true by achieving great fame, name and earnings by efficiently executing the Social media marketing. He has done BCA. He is the founder of #Onlinemarkett12. His company #Onlinemarkett12 has done multiple promotional campaigns for different social media networks. He’s doing online promotions all over the world efficiently because of his knowledge and skills, which he learnt through years of hard work and continuous efforts in the field of social media marketing. His main interests are outing, travelling, etc. He loves making new friends.
Mr Paawan started his social media journey from facebook, then he realised Instagram got more potential to increase his earnings so he then shifted to Instagram. He has worked with USA based companies, even with verified profiles also! Like every entrepreneur, he struggled a lot too initially, but he never loses hope, learnt from his mistakes and continuously put properly planned efforts to reach the level he’s at now! Individuals, who are willing to work in the field of social media marketing or digital marketing can learn a lot from him the quality of proper planning, skills and knowledge. He even helps beginners by guiding them on how to make proper plans in the field of marketing.
Paawan aka Punky believes in, “Simple living, high thinking!” He’s a very simple man with high aims in life. He has achieved a lot in life still he’s a very kind-hearted person, which is his main personal quality loved by most of the people and youngsters can learn a lot from his life, social media journey, actions and nature.


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