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Tanmay Pattnaik, A great author and an entrepreneur defying the odds and achieving a huge success in the Publishing Industry

About Tanmay Pattnaik :

Tanmay Pattnaik, an entrepreneur, author, poet, engineer, blogger and the Co founder of Haneul Publication, Haneul Of Thoughts, Folk Studios and Folk Technologies, he’s on his way of achieving his dreams.

He has contributed many literature works to the community and he is the author of five books himself till now with his debut book, “Words Don’t Lie”. In addition , he has a demonstrated history of working in company operations and maximizing outputs using effective measures.

 You can find him on Instagram : @tanmaypattnaik_

Let’s have a peek on the interview that we had with Mr Pattnaik.

 1. How did you get into this Corporate field?

Ans : I’ve been a literature enthusiastic from the very beginning. I started writing when I was in my first year in Btech life. Months after writing, I had my first manuscript ready. That’s when I started searching for some publication houses to publish my book. Eventually I came to know that  almost all publication houses charged a big lump sum amount to just publish a book! Those publication houses who were charging less, majority of them weren’t even registered. That’s when I failed, my dream failed. I couldn’t publish my book. That’s the part where life hit me really hard. That’s when I knew once failure hits you only then you get to know what are your capabilities. I started researching how to overcome this problem so that other budding writers like me won’t face the problem that I faced. Few months prior to that I Co-Founded my publication house with my Co-Founder Abhishek Rath with the only aim to give an opportunity to all those budding writers over there, to provide them a platform they all have been searching.

 We struggled for years to bring up Haneul to the place where it stands today. There has been countless sleepless nights for both of us. On my 4th Year of my Btech life, I Co Founded our Software Company, Folk Technologies, with my Co-Founders Abhisek Rath and Rati Ranjan Kar. I was studying in Giet University, Gunupur with Computer Science (CSE) as my branch. I feel there’s no better way I could have put that to use than opening our own Software Firm.

 2. Are you satisfied with working on your startups rather than applying for a job?

 Ans : Coming to this, I actually got a job but then there it was, the decision was lying in front of me. I had to choose between working on my own dream and working  for someone else’s. Being an entrepreneur and starting my own startup was my life long dream . I couldn’t trade that for a job. I knew there are more hurdles in this field but you know as they say, “The heart wants what it wants”

3. What are the costs of building something like this (approximately) or basic idea atleast? How long does it take?

 Ans : We initially started this with a funding (Can’t disclose ) and we have gained much profit after recovering the amount invested. The time taken actually depends upon the person who does this. If you are dedicated enough towards this, then  you can make it work within a month. It just needs one’s dedication and hardwork. Even in some cases it takes years, but you have to trust the process and keep working on it.

 4. What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs?

 Ans : My advice to today’s budding entrepreneurs would be to never stop believing in yourself. There will be much hardship in your line of work but you have to get through it. You have to believe in yourself. Only then you can overcome any obstacles in your life. We all are the same human being with the same mind. If someone else can crack it then you can too. It’s just the matter of time.


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