The Pleasant Smell of Success, Chisciotte A Fulfillment of Awwad e.awwad Dream

Pioneering the fashion industry, Awwad e.awwad stands at the top among the young entrepreneurs. Running a successful fashion and lifestyle empire under the brand name of The House of Awad, he stands as a role model for the rest of the youth, especially for the middle eastern millennials. Having a humble background, Awad decided to pursue higher education in Economics and Business Administration. This journey of him went quite well as he excelled in his studies and later also used the knowledge and academic expertise to further expand his business empire. Product promotion and company management are among the strengths of Awad, according to him. Awad attributes most of his success to his ability to adapt to new environments and the good habit of self-learning. He has also completed a world tour that he regards as a work trip around the world.
Right from the beginning, it was Awad’s dream to have a fashion and lifestyle brand under his name. Chisciotte is an extension of the fulfillment of that dream. The name means a passage between the east and the west. Just like the tone set by the name of the brand itself, it is focused to have an appealing fusion of the eastern and western fashion senses. These include perfumes, bags, shades, apparel, and other accessories. Until now, Awad has been venturing in just the field of perfumes and toiletries, but he aims to expand his empire to bags, exquisite stones, and leather accessories as well, as he has just signed a contract with some international designers and the products are expected to be launched by 2021. Moreover, he is also keen to step into the world of shades or goggles, as the market is expecting the first line of his shades collection by 2022. Not only this but he is also working in close collaboration with a team of experts from Korea to design his range of men’s facial hair care and grooming products. It surely seems like Awad is in the “Empire Business” rather than just the “Money Business”.

What saves Chisciotte from being a cliché like the other extremely extravagant perfumes is its sense of simplicity and utter freshness. Being an avid collector himself and having more than 120 kinds of perfumes in his closet cabinet, Awad anticipates his newly launched brand of Chisciotte to excel in the Emirate market. Having worked around the world he knew very well, that the target audience for such cosmetic products is searching for uniqueness out there. This is the reason that Chisciotte is primarily focused on developing new scents. It plays with simple flavors and adds them together in unique combinations to give a sense of individuality to the product overall.
The company recently participated in a fashion show, held in Dubai and stood out from the rest of the crowd. They sold the products under the name of Dar al Tayyab there. Crowd says Chisciotte has a scent for each one of their moods. Each perfume has a whole new aura than the other one, as it is made of an entirely different combination of oils and extracts. Besides marketing the products quite smartly, Chisciotte also owes its success to the quality of raw material used in its perfume range.
Chisciotte’s perfumes and colognes are already being greatly appreciated in Lebanon, Dubai, and London. Most of the perfumes are gender-neutral, that’s perhaps the main reason behind the high sales numbers. Also, most of the toiletries have a considerably mild smell; they are not that pungent like many other notorious perfumes in the market that make one’s head spin. The single major notion that can be felt by wearing a perfume from the house of Chisciotte is calmness. Being a pleasure to your senses, it surely aids a lot in developing your social and professional life, as reported by many users.
Being not so blunt is perhaps the main reason, Chisciotte is being liked equally in the mature crowd as well as the millennials. The source of inspiration behind the designing of these perfumes come from Awad’s preference of feeling fresh throughout the day yet having an equally dark and mesmerizing persona in the evening. Nothing beats being classy!

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.


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