Ronak Kothari, The young entrepreneur shares about his venture in the co-operative world.

We often tend to leave our passion behind for the sake of our professional enhancement. The modern life of din and bustle and growing competition always demands us to deny our interests. Ronak Kothari, the director of Kothari Agrico is completely different from this. He successfully maintains his personal and professional life. He never let his busy life interfere with his interests.


Apart from being a brilliant student Kothari, had a wide interest in many fields. He was a master in football and wrestling. These games provide him an opportunity to release the frustrations and tensions of everyday life. Kothari is also an animal lover and considers them as his best companions whenever he feels down.


Kothari was never confused with what he should be in the future. He did not wish to live a monotonous and boring life instead he wanted something rejuvenating, in which he could prove his problem-solving skills, business was the best answer for all his queries. With very vast career opportunities opened before him, he chose to follow his father’s path and started to learn the basics of business from him. He wanted to grow his industry to glorious heights and his enthusiasm for this cause led the Kothari group of companies to rise in the co-operative world.


Ronak Kothari took the position as the director of Kothari Agrico. From his teen years, he had started to know and understand the ways and strategies of the business world.

It was not an easy task for him, it involved practice, dedication, experimentation, and demonstration of his theoretical and practical knowledge at different spheres of his business journey. Life is a roller coaster ride and there are several ups and downs throughout the venture. Kothari never gave up his will power during his hard times.


A good leader should motivate his team for effective and productive outcomes, this is an important aspect and Kothari is one of those. He identifies the strong and weak points of his employees and makes them realize their inner potentials to find better opportunities for the company’s growth. Trust is beneficial for a business firm, without it there will not be a mutual understanding of the interests of parties which can lead to the loss of deals. Kothari never fails to inspire his followers, he always persuades them to explore their best qualities and help them to plan and manage every industrial sector.


“Part of being a person is about helping others” Kothari believes in this quotation. He considers humanity and generosity as the top qualities that an entrepreneur should have. He is a keen observer and a quick learner. His qualities such as decision making, project management, etc are a perfect blend to succeed in the industry. He says that there are no shortcuts and there would be no miracles without our input. Countless possibilities are yet to be discovered and those to find it are wise enough and they will leave their mark in this world.

Mohit Churiwal
Mohit Churiwal
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