Luis Pantaleon A. K. A Luis Bills.


Luis Pantaleon A. K. A Luis Bills from a 9-5 to helping others generate passive income.

Luis is an entrepreneur owning over 3 businesses. He began my journey in pest control over 14+ years working a night route and led the night team with the Regal Movie Theaters. He never said no to his team when they needed help. It’s one of the reasons he developed such great relationships with all NYC HHC hospitals and all NYC Veterans Affairs hospitals. In addition, he didn’t just help his district; he traveled to other districts in NJ and PA to help when there were open routes. This led to breaking records providing customer solutions and he was awarded for finishing #1 in the Region, #1 in the Area and #1 in the Division for 2 consecutive years.



In addition, in 2009 Luis decided to start another business in the ecommerce space and first started his drop shipping business on Poshmark, but business was too slow there for him. Then he went over to Shopify and applied the drop shipping business model there. It took him a lot of trial and error to learn how to use the Shopify platform properly with this business. There were very frustrating moments throughout the process, but Luis eventually pulled through and figured it out. Luis worked over 10 hours per day for about 6 months before he finally got it down. He soon hired people to work on his team. This helped him upscale his drop shipping business to one that was making $8,000 profit monthly.



Lastly, at his young age he also invested in the development of a forex system that has led him to the vision of helping more people starting with my family and friends. Luis prides himself in being a coach to other aspiring entrepreneurs that want to achieve his level of success. A six-figure passive income is the goal of all his clients, and they’re willing to pay top dollar to receive the service that will help them get there. For more information you can contact Luis at or  instagram Contact  for more details

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