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Priyanshu – One Of The Youngest Businessman Of India

At a time when most 14-year-olds are worried about their Standard 10th results and reading history, there was one young man, who was busy in creating his own history! His name is Priyanshu Agrawal (, a 17 year old Businessman. At such a tender age of 17, Priyanshu is a Certified Android Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, Graphic Designer And A successful business person, technically a complete package! He is the Founder And CEO of online gift store “VivaGifts” (
Coming from a small town Katangi, and a middle class family Priyanshu proved that if you have fire in your brain to fulfill your dreams then nobody can ever stop you! He says, this all was started when he was of 14, watching Amazon and many other e-commerce companies, he always wanted to take his father’s business online but due to some circumstances he couldn’t. so he decided to sell handmade cards and gifts which he made. in the industry where everyone starts with loss, he is doing no loss business from beginning with his clear and sharp marketing strategies.
Having 100 bucks in his pocket in 2016 to the CEO of a Company, from 1-2 orders a month in 2016 to thousands of national and international orders every month, his journey motivates us to never give up on our dreams no matter what circumstances are.
Not only in business, Priyanshu also proved himself in studies by passing class 12th and 10th with 1st division. Priyanshu says, India’s Education system is the biggest obstacle in his journey. he says “one should never stop learning but books in the schools and colleges cannot make you learn about business & moral values that we should learn to live in this planet full of opportunities.”
Confirming to Priyanshu, his parents and cousins played a key role in his success. by taking his side in everything he did and believing his decisions he made.
Priyanshu says “Nothing Is Better Than Better”, which has a very deep message.. and teach us to keep improving ourself every day. You can’t be better anytime, because your better version is always better than your present version!
Beside E-commerce he also hold 1M plus base on Instagram and established his name in content creation field. Stated by Priyanshu, “happiness is the most important thing you should look in anything you do, start with work in which you find your happiness and i am sure you won’t stop anywhere.”
Priyanshu says “9-5 Is For Others, I have when i open my eyes to when i close them”.


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