Sahel Ahmed is a successful musician and entrepreneur


Sahel Ahmed is a singer.Β  He is also a writer, lyricist, beatmaker, composer and influencer.

He was born on November 6, 1999.Β  His birthplace is Moulvibazar.Β  That’s where he grew up.Β  From young age, he was very interested in music.

He was different since childhood. He studied at K S Kinder Garten School and Bhukshimil Secondary School and College. He was a very intelligent student. All the sirs and madams of the school liked him very much.

He was born in a very poor family. He suffered a lot when he was young. Didn’t get anyone’s love. Everything he has become now is his own effort.

At first he just uploaded different types of videos on YouTube.Β  And he became a very successful YouTuber.Β  Then he just does the making of the song.Β  His first song ‘Frozen Wave’ was released on all music platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, Itunes, Pandora.Β  He got a lot of success with this song.Β  Then some more of his songs came out and he became a very successful musician.

He worked in films.Β  He has released or worked on more than 12 albums and composed about 60 songs. In his spare time he wrote books. He has written many books.

At a very young age he has had many successes. He said people can do everything if they try. Let the person who is interested in it do so. He says if you don’t try, something big can happen in life. After a lot of effort, the face of success can be seen.He wants to do something good for the country. So he looked at various social work.

He has had many successes in the digital marketing world. He blogs in his spare time. He writes about how to find success in life. Listen to his motivation.

As well as that he is a successful digital marketer and entrepreneur.Β  In social work he always came first.Β  He has helped many singers. Everyone respects him. Many of them have been successful musicians.Β  He was invited to various television shows.Β  He has been given the front page of the newspaper many times.



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