Five things you never knew about Stephen Zechariah. Don’t fret, we got it covered!

There’s only one version to this music composer, singer, and songwriter – you see what you get. Stephen Zechariah believes that music has a communicative power and he uses it to navigate through your soul. Let’s slip into the details!

Today we’d like to introduce Stephen Zechariah.

Stephen, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

Deri Lorus: What is music for you?

Stephen Zechariah: The sound of God is in His creations. God made music; it is a harmony of all these sounds put together. So when music is created I believe that we can hear God in every sound, vibration, and even in the silence. Hence, music is a tool to bring healing and peace into the souls of many.

DL: Who or what inspired you to become a musician?

SZ: – I believe it was a natural instinct in me. I grew up in church and there was always music there. There’s a saying, “Curiosity killed the cat” but here the curiosity kept this cat out of trouble. Haha! All the different soundings during musicals in church got me started on my trip.

DL: Did you go through any formal music training? How did you learn music?

SZ: – No I didn’t. I started playing by ear and my introduction to instruments was drums at the age of 10. I grew up in a family of three boys; I’m the youngest. My elder brother, Timothy was a percussionist; he played ethnic instruments such as the Tabla and Dholak. My second brother, John was an all-rounder; he plays all sorts of instruments. At 17, I picked up the keyboard from him. 10 years later, I composed my first ever song.

Stephen Zechariah (@stephenzec)

DL: You have a wide repertoire of music with you. How do you manage to create music that is diverse thus catering to wider audiences?

SZ: – The world is evolving and so is the taste in music for different generations. I layer my songs very intricately and give importance to minute details so that everyone who listens to my songs has a part to resonate with, which should interest them to listen to it again. Creating songs in different time signatures is also my flair.

DL: What’s your take on collaboration to create music?

SZ: Always open and excited for collaborations to see what I can learn from them. I love to widen my knowledge on anything, what more music.

DL: What was your first hit single?

SZ: – My first hit single was Saaral Mazhaiyaa for the film – Joe The Black Assassin. Followed by Usuraiya Tholaichaen composed for the first Indian Indie Musical Trilogy collaborated with 360 Entertainment.

Here’s a few photos of Stephen Zechariah taken at Vasantham’s Pradhana Vizha Awards (2021)

Stephen Zechariah holds Pradhana Vizha Award (@stephenzec)
Best actor in a negative role “Avathaaram” (@stephenzec)


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