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Sheikh Umeed’s Journey Of Redefining Successful Life Via Digital Marketing.

Starting your career at an early age, especially in the digital era comes with its boons and 17-years-oldΒ Sheikh Umeed’s success story exemplifies it. This young guy from Kashmir started his journey in the year 2018 with his first Instagram page. Since then he has never looked back.

With an experience of 4 years, Sheikh has collaborated with more than 100 brands including Dettol, Cubelelo, Trust Foods, Max Protein, Himalayan Organics & many more. On asking further about his experience he says, ” The way the entire algorithm of Instagram works kept me intrigued, and over time I kept learning different strategies while dealing with different strategies.”

Over the years he increased the follower count to 3 pages & made it over 100k. Recently, Sheikh also increased the follower count of @factzuntold and made it to 50k over 6 months. In 9 months the same page’s following count went up to 100k. He says, ” Keeping the audiences engaged via your content is the only way for the organic growth of the page.

Managing campaigns for organizations like Unacademy, Masai School & MX Takatak not only allowed him to build his skill sets including communication skills, but it also helped Sheikh in strengthening his network.

Unlike everyone’s belief, Sheikh has had his own shares of ups and downs yet he has never been the one who backs up without a fight. During the Internet ban in 2019 after the declaration about article 360, Sheikh lost 10k followers from his page which originally had 70k followers. Instead of giving up because of something which he had no control over, he managed to work his fingers to the bones & increased the followers to 100k.

Planning to have a digital marketing agency and building a strong team isn’t as effortless however Sheikh has every trick up his sleeves to ensure that he gets what he desires. Undoubtedly his future might be challenging since the competition in the market is growing exponentially but Sheikh’s drive to be better and his experiential knowledge will become the reason behind his success.


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