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Meet Wig Expert Tiny, Founder Of Tiny Kreations, Top Wig Expert.

Tiny Mills was born in Atlanta, Ga where she currently resides. She has always had a love for hair as she grew up around a family full of hairstylists.

Her first debut to the hair world was at the age of 10, when she started braiding hair alongside her older sister. From there it was a take-off into the hair world. As a job through high school, she braided hair.

As a mother with breast cancer Wigs were always something she was interested in. She began paying attention to her friend who at the time was a wig guru also, after learning the craft and perfecting her skills she began what she thought would be a long journey. However, this world was very favorable of her and her talents, from the everyday girl to celebrities, she has just the thing you need. Building her brand around great customer service is the most important thing to her. She has worked in several salons and networked with some of the biggest stylists in Atlanta. When you purchase a wig from Tiny Kreations you don’t just get the wig, you get the stylist too. She has facetimed to help her clients or drove to meet them to learn how to measure the head correctly.

She enjoys making every woman feel the most confident in her crown. She believes that we as women should all feel our best, and if she can help with a simple throw on wig, then that’s exactly what I will do. She has taught many people her craft and she’s had plenty of years perfecting it, so she guarantees her work will be perfect for you. At Tiny Kreations we will make you experience one of a kind. Make Tiny Kreations your favorite wig company. If you’re ever in Atlanta, Ga make sure to visit the wig guru as she loves to chat and meet her new customers.

All of our wigs can be styled by a professional to best suit your personal style if needed!


Visit our website www.mytinykreation


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