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Usman Rao | The Well Known Digital Entrepreneur of India

Usman Rao is regarded as an enthusiastic young entrepreneur in India. He is popular for his intelligent mind he is only 22 year old and and his thinking is very big the age when people are busy playing football, games, etc.. Usman was busy fulfilling his dreams and maybe the same hard work after which he started his company and today the same company is not only in India rather is the famous in the whole world Usman Rao the youngest Entrepreneur in Uttar Pradesh,


Today we talking about Usman Rao who is youngest entrepreneur of Uttar Pradesh, Usman Founder of Jelly143 who a digital marketing company, Seo, Google develop company in india Jelly143 was founded in 2019, it was not known that students of a commerce class will make a web developer company that is the proverb that If you do with a workmaker, success will come to you Life of Usman Rao reflects such principles, a drop-out by choice but never did he stop his learning curve and google has released his name in the top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Uttar Pradesh india.

Usman Rao, the young Entrepreneur of Uttar Pradesh. Usman is popularly known to be an enthusiastic and one of the youngest Entrepreneur of india he is known his design, entrepreneurship, and excellent public speaking skills At the age of 12,Β while Usman was in school he was confident and extremely creative about his interests This was his first little step towards working on his passion for entrepreneurship he started with his own Jelly143 and now is Usman Rao is the Youngest Entrepreneur of Uttar Prades Usman Rao


Usman Rao is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, Seo expert, Google develop, a celebrity manager, a social media manager, and an influential figure. Usman Rao has worked for more than 100 individual stars, influencers, and companies he was born 26 April 97 in Saharanpur U.p india, Usman completed his education from ccs University meerut.
Being in a Digital marketing platform, he used to learn from hatred, and he drastically changed his content by his audience suggestions, once in an interview, he added that “I listen to my audience because nobody can guide me rather than my audience they are my best friend, they support me always, Usman has become the choice of people from india to World even the company is also receiving offers from abroad on Usman’s emails and Instagram he is continue running a successful digital marketing brand you can call Usman Rao “Jelly” a leader in Digital Marketing, Usman Rao is the youngest Entrepreneur of India.


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