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Biography Of Pakistani Musical Artist Ijaz Shah

Ijaz Shah is a Pakistani musical artist, author, businessman, YouTuber who specializes in Pashto and Urdu. He was born on March 29, 1994, in Pakistan’s Bannu district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Ijaz Shah is a Pakistani Playback Singer singer known for singing Pashto and English songs. and He is the Author of the Song of Solomon, and the Composer. Among the contemporary artists in Pakistan, he is considered one of the most famous supporters of Pashto and English music. Ijaz Shah gained recognition among the masses when he sang the assembly song in two different languages, namely Pashto and English.
Ijaz Shah embarked on a journey through Studio Music now with services such as digital marketing. Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Anghami, Amazon Music, nationally and internationally.

Pakistan’s Most Famous Young Singer jaz Shah

He is the founder and CEO of Team SocialLifeTips, a fully-fledged digital media company that works with customers to maximize the results of their business.
Ijaz Shah has a deep understanding of what is required for a business to mean completely destroying it on social media. His expertise in music, marketing has allowed him to help many businesses raise their money at a much higher value. He has released and worked on more than 8 albums and composed about 10 songs. He also works in the Pashto Music industry.

Personal Details Birthday 29th March1944 Birth City Bannu, Home City Mandori Male Sex Blue


Ijaz Shah Being one of the leading producers and carrying a lot of information Ijaz Shah has not left much to be gained by making big money and advertising on social media and YouTube. Thus the same is transmitted to others. It is his dream to become a millionaire in Less. Ijaz Shah is a public figure, reaching out to millions on his social media platform and encouraging young musicians who would like to appeal to their work as well. He always connects on the go. He has millions of views and followers on Social Media and people view him as an idol. You still have great power in terms of numbers. His campaign is known and respected all over the world. Ijaz Shah has given success to many of the products he has worked with with his ability to see styles long before they start to spread.

He is best known as one of the leading Music Artists in building viral growth and integrating it with paid digital media campaigns for his clients and gaining a reputation in the industry.


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