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Ecomswitch: A New Booming Startup by Aniket Singh

Ecomswitch is a relatively new startup that aims to help retailers boost the outreach of their craft and at the same time, increase their market value. The broad usage of e-commerce in the present day and age of technology has forced merchants to lag behind to keep up with the demands of their customers.

It is a fantastic website with different varieties of products ranging from clothes for all genders to groceries at an appropriate amount. With easy to return policies to the latest fashion trends, this website has it all.
The website was very recently launched and they want to work towards the upliftment of the cause of β€œMake in India” for fair trade and economic increment.Β  They want to provide equal opportunities for the weaker businesses to financially grow in the market and at a suitable price rundown.

The company was founded by Aniket Singh, who despite all his hard work and failures, managed to build the company from scratch and raise it to a respectable platform. He possesses admirable business and marketing skills and he has utilized them to the full extent by creating Ecom switch. He’s worked hard to ensure that his website and his organization help the masses equally and have a wide outreach.
Ecom switch has many outlets located in different cities like Lucknow, Juanpur, Varanasi, Azamgarh, Gorakhpur, and many more. They have partnered with Ship Rocket as their delivery partner to ensure quality packaging and on-the-dot deliveries.

What are the benefits of using Ecom switch?
You get access to a vast library of quality products and at the same time, you can support the cause of the local merchants. The Delivery is much faster than other ecom sites.

What are the payment methods on the website?
The payment methods are-

Ecom switch offers all the online modes of transactions through Razorpay which is secure and trustworthy. Customers will get power from our company, in addition to the leverage that the merchants would receive. They will gain leverage in the shape of high-quality items at reasonable rates, as well as prompt delivery (sometimes within 24 hours). It’s a customer-focused company. They will receive their selected items at their home by just pressing a button.

For any business queries regarding Ecom-switch, contact:
Wazidpur Tiraha N.H-231 south H.No-230 Jaunpur, 222002, Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone: +91 7309793964 Email:


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