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A new era of young entrepreneurship in india by Gursewak singh jassal

The youth of our country is passionate and driven towards their goals. They are the pillars of our nation and they are responsible for the country’s future. They have the power, knowledge, and potential. But what is the one thing which is slowing down the progression of youth? The answer is scope. Even if the youngsters are skilled enough, but their skills don’t reach people. They don’t get the scope to showcase their skills and build their career. Many youngsters come out of their educational institutions by working hard and scoring good marks but they lack life skills. That is one of the main reasons for unemployment. This is the thing Gursewak Singh Jassal wants to eliminate by working with WAF Entrepreneurs.

WAF Entrepreneurs is a platform that promotes and supports local brands and Gursewak Singh Jassal is the director of it. He connects with people and provides the youth with the opportunities to grow professionally. He started his career at the age of 18 by working in different professions. Photography, Tourism, Backstage handling, and Event management are some of the main professions from which he has acquired his prowess. During his struggling phase, he had to move to various cities and change different schools. He completed his graduation from the Top college of Chandigarh. He completed his Masters and even that degree didn’t suffice for him. He has always been a learner. Even his parent’s legacy of media wasn’t enough for his passion.

Gursewak Singh Jassal’s family is his support system and they motivated him to not give up. While looking for jobs on online platforms, he came across WAF Entrepreneurs. That’s where his life changed for the better. He has always been someone who connects with people and fulfills their requirements and WAF Entrepreneurs provided him this scope. He toiled to make sure that the company will reach new heights. Today, WAF Entrepreneurs are connected with thousands of youth and it provides them the opportunity to make it. WAF Entrepreneurs help local brands to increase their reach by promoting them. They also motivate the youth to gain confidence and take risks. Gursewak Singh Jassal along with WAF Entrepreneurs has worked with many people and has helped them to fulfill their passion.


Hailing from Chandigarh and coming from a middle-class family, Gursewak Singh Jassal never had it easy. But his hard work paid off. Today he earns six digits and most importantly his work speaks volumes. He wants everyone to lead a life where they don’t have to think about their budget whenever they want to get something they deserve. He wants the youth to have a life where they are happy with their profession because that is the only way they can grow professionally. Today he is skilled in leadership and communication only because he started experiencing various professions from his teenage. Gursewak Singh Jassal along with WAF Entrepreneurs wants to provide the youth with all the opportunities but he believes that they have to be determined enough to build their skills. Gursewak Singh Jassal along with WAF Entrepreneurs is working towards the development of the country by working with youth. His main aim is to drive our country towards success and he is determined enough to achieve his goals.


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