Amit Saini, A 21 year old boy from Rai Bareli who started earning from a very young age through Instagram.

It is commonly said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Instagram is a highly visual social media channel, and therefore is in many ways the perfect medium for brands to tell their tale. All they need to do is to ensure that people actually see their Instagram images. Amit Saini working hard from the very beginning to be successful. He who has gained the fame all over Instagram as “The admin who made the 10Mn base in 1 year and sold 1500+ pages in last 3 years” between the Admins of the Instagram. He is working on Instagram on daily basis, and has helped to solve many problems of peoples relating to Instagram. He started Instagram growth from class 11th and now he’s free lancing at a renowned IT firm other than Instagram Business. He wants to become an Entrepreneur. He also has a strong hold over Telegram Business, and owned 100+ Telegram vouches.

Digital Marketing is all about connections, he has made connections worldwide including the admins/page owners from United States and United Kingdom in past 3 years. He has also earned a lot just by retailing Instagram pages/accounts. He has a diligent attitude towards his work and doesn’t waste his time by stalling himself in between nonsensical issues like jealousy towards people and their success. He always try to improvise, adapt and overcome his failures. His moto behind his work is that it must bring him happiness and joy with whatever he has achieved till now and still going on.

Having more than 10 Million bases and constantly growing it requires a lot of self-confidence and creativity in a human mind. He also needs to be fresh and updated towards the most recent trend which is going on, as to create the best puns out of it, along with his social strategies. When he was asked about his success, He stated that:

There are 4 main reasons behind every person’s success:

1. Perception towards what he/her is doing.

2. Positive attitude towards financial challenges.
3. Always speak for yourself. because nobody else will.
4. Build a team that shares the same visionary.

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