Talent At Budget Zero: Rising in UP, India.

Talent at Budget Zero.Every day and everywhere, we witness a new talent rising nowadays, surge in the competition in Entertainment sector is not new but bringing many creatives in the frontline, as same a young Independent filmmaker, Writer and Concept Artist hailing from India is doing his best at zero budget.
While in the conversation with him, he revealed some of grounded unknown truths behind walking out of the herd and what made him realised of working as an Independent. Riyansh Pandey at 21, is doing all the possible things to create and deliver contents with the awareness and moral message alongwith the knowledge panel to the people. He believes in the world of togetherness, whereas his S.A.D the short film based on a seasonal depressing disorder among youngsters in India and even around the world, he said in an interview, “people can’t be diagnosed and well-being in India or anywhere untill they really know the root cause of a problem, believing in anything blindly isn’t what supposed to be because being mentally well would only bring youngsters and adults to ace at their work and so the whole state”, he also said, “Superstition is still a big root cause which isn’t letting science or logics to enter in an individual mind to know the real root concern and it’s legit solution.”

A young soul with innovative initiative to educate people by giving knowledge panel through his short film concepts with the motivation of obviating ‘Supertitious beliefs’ has all our wishes.

S.A.D is not just being loved in India but it is being noticed outside India as well and winning hearts of Indie film lovers in the Film festivals and Independent Directors as well in UK,US and Australia. The journey of the S.A.D and it’s recognition started with UK’s worldwide channel i.e. ShortsTv after pitching to some Indian OTTs. Riyansh also revealed his heart of lists and wishes to work & learn with some skilful veteran directors in the industry where he would love to give his genuine talent in the production as well as his unique concepts to be portrayed and get them into the limeligeht.


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