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Webhack Solutions is a India based Digital Marketing Company which provides all Social Media Services , PR Services and Branding.

Talent At Budget Zero: Rising in UP, India.

Talent at Budget Zero.Every day and everywhere, we witness a new talent rising nowadays, surge in the competition in Entertainment sector is not new...

Yasir Hussain the known Sufi Folk Singer draws millions for his latest hit Tappe

Yasir Hussain is a 28 years old talented singer from Jammu Kashmir. Born and brought up in the Valley, he always had music in...

Ankur Jatuskaran is becoming a popular musician from Delhi

People always seek sense of joy and happiness in different things. It could be a book, a place anything, and it could even essentially...

Delhi singer Dev Dedha: My style of singing is inspired from Rap music

<span;>Dev DedhaΒ have carved a niche for himself in the music industry. In a conversation with us, the singer gets candid about his Delhi memories,...

Amit Dedha a popular singer set to create a good buzz around the music industry

Amit Dedha is one of the known names when it comes to emerging singers and musicians. Besides being a successful YouTuber, he tried his...

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