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Fanessa Nicole : An Entrepreneur Achieved #1 Spot in United States.

Fanessa Nicole has won best body contouring services in Florida for the 4th year in a row now making her business Glam-R-Us LLC the #1 in the United States. She originally started her business back in 2014 but soon in 2017 started offering “body contouring” services in Fort Myers, Florida. Well known in her community for hosting events and charities she quickly got recognized for her outstanding services. People travel from all over the U.S. to try Glam-R-Us services as it’s the newest alternative to plastic surgery. Fanessa didn’t stop there as she went on to create her own machines in 2019 to give her company the #1 spot in the United States. Glam-R-Us offers non-invasive treatments in which you get massive results with just one session unlike other “body sculpting” places which need multiple treatments just to see a difference. Fanessa’s machines have been approved by the health general inspector and just passed research studies by the FDA in 2021.

Fanessa Nicole -Ryder  born January 20, 1985 is dominating the industry as a female entrepreneur. Born in New York she resides in Fort Myers, Florida where she has overturned a new leaf with not one but 2 local businesses. She was recently awarded “Business Innovator of the Year” . Since establishing her business in 2017 called Glam-R-Us LLC, Fanessa has won every year as SWFL Small Business in the SWFL area by many magazines and charity events. She has been nominated and awarded by local award ceremonies and is now being recognized by Fox News for her newest invention she designed herself called Glam Cavitation which uses 100kHz compared to the traditional 30-40 kHz used on a professional level which delivers 3-4 times the results with just one session. “ I just wanted to get my clients the best results possible in one session so I contacted manufacturers as well as the health general inspector and designed a machine for them!” Fanessa stated. Fanessa continues to grow her business as she continues to offer stronger and newer machines every year. “Got to stay ahead of the industry and provide my clients with the best treatments.” As a mother of 3 boys she says she has overcome many obstacles but has never given up and encourages woman everywhere to set a goal and achieve higher.


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