“Diligence is the path leading to success” by Aryan Tejas Gupta

Aryan Tejas Gupta is an twenty year old guy who is preparing for law. He is also a social media marketer. He is from Rampur, Uttar Pradesh and is currently studying at Greater Noida. He created his own Instagram account three years back. He worked hard to create his own base on social media and today he is one of the best social media marketers we have. He started making memes after he saw memes on a meme page named @sassybastard. He loves making meme. He wants to have his own business. He is well aware of the fact that his journey isn’t easy but that is not going to stop him to achieve his goals. He is giving his everything to make his name a brand and we all know that his passion will lead him to success. He keeps learning about how social media works for his business and that helps him grow professionally. and now he is Admin of 2 Instagram Pages, @pickuplinesofficialx & @bedbreakingtales.

Aryan has never been the one to give up. He was never supported by anyone but that didn’t stop him to achieve what he has today. Today, he earns well and he also has friends on social media. He always thinks out of the box in order to keep up with the growing competition. His skills in social media marketing are impressive. His love for his work keeps him going. He keeps working hard because he doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned. He is always ready to take risks because he knows that it will help him to face his fear and will take him closer to his dreams. He always keeps a track on his professional growth which gives him a clear idea what he needs to do inorder to grow further. He believes that one should never forget his root even after being at the peak of success and that is something we all love about Aryan Tejas Gupta.

When Aryan was asked about his success he said “I believe that my diligence will lead me to my dreams. I know that there is no substitute for success so I know I have to work hard in order to achieve it.” There’s still a long way to go and he knows that he has to go through a lot of problems in order to achieve his dreams. But we know that he will be able to achieve his dreams because of his passion. He is determined to achieve his goals and we all know that he will keep striving for it unless and until he becomes a successful person.


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