“Triumph over your struggle” by Jainam Ritesh bhai Shah

Jainam Riteshbhai Shah is a twenty year old guy who is setting a good example for people out there. He is currently an engineering student and his branch is IT. He loves making meme. He is a proud owner of @desi.vani and @Krazyheads which is loved by many people on social media. It’s never easy to be a memer but he has the right skills and that makes him a good memer. He is working on their e commerce site and he is also planning to start his own marketing firm. He has worked hard to be where he is today. He believes in himself and his skills. He dropped out of college inorder to pursue his dreams. He loves to entertain people and he focused on that after leaving college. He also helps his father in his business. There have been many ups and downs but that never discouraged him. Today he is one of the most loved person and he deserves all the love he gets.

Jainam is a very practical person. He knows what he wants in his life and he never lets anything else to come in between him and his goals. He believes in himself and that keeps him going. He is always up for learning. He keeps working on his knowledge and skills because he knows it’s difficult to survive in this competition without any knowledge or skills. His experiences taught him to deal with his problems in a positive way. His journey wasn’t a piece of cake but his determination led him to his triumph. He is a very kind and generous person and that’s something we all should learn from him. He knows that he has a long way to go and his journey isn’t going to be easy but his commitment to his dreams are never going to stop him from achieving it.

When Jainam was asked about his success he said ” I always believe that no matter how difficult the situation is, there is always a way to victory.”and that’s something we all should learn from him. Sagar Jain and Ritesh Shah were his inspirations. He believes in discipline. He never lets anything to divert his focus from his goals and it also allows him to get out of his comfort zone. Today he is a successful person because he believed in himself and he never feared failure. He is already working on his dreams and we all know that he is not going to stop until he achieves his goal.

Mohit Churiwal
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