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Real estate entrepreneur Yusuf Jamal says “Get a financial education before starting a business”

The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of cells. We all memorized this information in school, which is no doubt helped us to secure good marks in school tests, but alas it could not add any value to life lessons.

The education system is the actual core of our money-making problem. Schools do not teach us how to handle taxes, how to make our money flow, or how to become financially independent without getting a degree. The fun fact is a degree is necessary to get a job, but having a degree does not ensure your financial security.

The turmoil between having a degree and working on financial independence kills the middle-class students. Their parents cannot afford certain types of professional guidance which makes the high-class students different from them.

Yusuf Jamal founder of Platinium View Home Solution belongs to a middle-class family of a small town in Kairana district in Muzaffarnagar. His financial condition was not fair enough to continue his study peacefully. When other students were leading a chill life, and only worrying about getting good grades in upcoming semesters, Yusuf Jamal ( Sony Qazi ) left home at the age of 17 and started working in a BPO center at night time. He continued his education while doing a part-time job in a courier service.

He completed his degree simultaneously while doing part-time jobs to continue his education.

After completing his graduation, Yusuf Jamal took a club on lease in partnership in 2010. Within 2 years, he managed to successfully run 1 club and 4 restaurants in partnership.

Yusuf Jamal continued to grow his business in various terms. He found his interest in Real estate and started digging till he reached the core of it. A business mind with positive determination can do wonders, and the same happened with Yusuf Jamal. He is generous and has a promising personality. Confirming a deal with Yusuf Jamal ( Sony Qazi ) does not carry any fraud, and this honesty helped him to grow in the field of business. Because having faith in each other is an important essence of businessman or entrepreneurs.

He was doing great in his field, and his fast grasping power was helping him to gain more knowledge about business ideas. Yusuf Jamal wanted to lead his life in a way so that none of his next generations need to face the same consequences as Yusuf Jamal.

Yusuf Jamal (Sony Qazi ) started doing small projects like renovation, shops, ground floor, etc, in 2015 under Platinium View Home Solution. Yusuf Jamal completed more than 50 buildings including 2BHK, 3BHK, and some government projects. In 2017 he became the angel investor of Your shell, which was bought by Stanza Living in 2020. His being an angel investor in this start up changed the fate of the entrepreneurs.

By 2019, Yusuf Jamal became the owner of every Bansal Class in Uttarakhand. Yusuf Jamal learned the game of real estate religiously and played accordingly. He also provides manpower to various businesses. More than 25,000 youths have been employed through Yusuf Jamal.


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