Friday, June 21, 2024

Breaking through Strereotypical Thinking of Society By Fenil Damwala

Fenil Damwala, a 20 years boy from Surat is a regular boy just like any of us with big dreams that seems a bit difficult to achieve but his decision to face the difficulties and achieve his dreams is something which makes him a bit different from any other person out there.It’s a common thinking out there that coming from a good family everything came easy to him ,everyone believed that whatever he has today has been handed to him on a silver platter.But then again,rumors are never true.He had to prove himself by working hard and he had to prove that his life isn’t as easy as it seems,it never was.But he worked really hard to become what he is today which is becoming co-admin of more than 10 pages in social media which means, he has the power to connect with people,inspire them or influence them positively over social media, but one of the many inspiring traits of his that he never lets his income to inflate his ego.
Even though he is sucessful in his field ,still he doesn’t stop to work hard rather he has started to work more responsibly which will surely help him to achieve more.He says”Success doesn’t just find you ,you have to reach out and get it”and this mantra of his is something everyone should swear by.He never let anything and anyone to become an obstacle on his path.There are still moments where things aren’t in favor but that never stops him as he knows “Sky is the limit”.His dedication and hardwork proves that he deserves whatever he has achieved and whatever he has ,whether its name,or money or love from his dear ones and one can’t guarantee that things will go as smoothly as its going now but one thing we all know and we all should take inspiration from is he is always ready to embrace whatever life throws at him with open arms.


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