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Hashmat Javaid and Zaid : Brother from Anantnag started a Construction Company

Hashmat Javaid is the CEO and Founder of the Construction company known as “Bent elbow Constructions” based in Anantnag

“observing construction at a close view its practices and delivery needs a headstart ‘ say Zaid and hashmat javaid”


At the age when youngsters are busy over social media or lost in the oblivion internet, two brothers of age  21 and 20 from Anantnag district of kashmir launched an construction company aiming at revolutionizing the industry with advancements and new techniques .


The company is called ‘Bent elbow Constructions’ and the pair ‘ bent elbow ‘ in the name is put out to depict the hardwork , determination and dominance these young lads tend to imply .

The idea to modernize and launch as a major brand in the business comes from the seeds their father had sown. Years back Javaid Ahmed dar (their father) entered the construction business with a sole policy of uncompromising with the quality of service provided .

Building successfully ahead he was later joined by his younger brother Reyaz Ahmed Dar. When the post Covid times had pushed everyone out of the ordinary life , these two Brothers followed the footsteps of the elders and with time and expertise of more than a year now they found the idea of going major intresting .

No compromise , Best quality  Services , advance practises and Top of the line equipment became the four pushing wheels of the idea to Start A full scale construction company .

Diversifying the manpower involved , Javaid Ahmed dar and reyaz Ahmed dar are entitled with original Founder and co-founder and still back the young guns. Zaid with His subtle attitude and precision heads as the operational manager To Overlook the execution of all The services provided whilst Hashmat Javaid as the Chief executive officer.

A brief conversation with the company gives us a deep insight of this endeavour started. Let’s head into that:


• What is Bent Elbow Constructions ?

Bent elbow Constructions is a dynamic construction company based out in Anantnag of jammu and Kashmir. We at BEC believe firmly in revolutionizing the small and major scale construction industry and practices involved. We offer a wide range of constructional service backed up with the most sophisticated formwork techniques and equipments.  We tend to set benchmarks all along the way We work over time.

• What Do you bring to the Table?

We’ve helped innumerable clients achieve their business goals and objectives through careful planning, preparation and execution. As one of the finest commercial construction companies in the business, we understand the importance of adopting client-centric approach, industry best practices and appropriate safety measures as well as standards for constructing best in class commercial centers and organizations. Our strength and expertise lies in understanding the primary requirements of our clients and later transforming their dreams into reality. Whether you want us to construct beautiful offices & buildings or even if you simply need our services around developing retail, hospitality and recreational centers, we’ll give our 100% to each and every project undertaken by us.


• What services do you provide ?

Top of the line Construction services.

• Shuttering and Formwork.

• Comercial and Residential buildings.

• Constructional consultation.

• Pre – construction Design and estimation.

• build-outs, Renovation &  expansion.

• Re-Modelling.

• Upgrades.

• Construction materials.

• Skilled Technicians and Labour .

• Demolition and much more




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