Best Places to Visit in Havelock Island to Have an Excellent Coastal Vacation

Havelock has won over thousands of tourists’ hearts. The crystal blue water, the mangrove forest, sun-kissed beaches, and amazing white sand stretches make Havelock heaven.

It has taken the part of earth around 113.93 sq. KM and is located 55 KM northeast of Port Blair. Havelock Island, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar, is a quintessential place for tourists worldwide to unwind.

However, in December 2018, the name changed to Swaraj Dweep. Besides, no doubt that its silken beaches, dense forest and some of the best diving spots in South Asia will certainly catch your eye and sooth your mind.

Moreover, Havelock Island can offer you some snazzy food outlets, glamorous resorts and refreshing cafés all around the area. So, you must know the best places to visit in Havelock Island.

But are you worried about your pocket? Relax, Havelock Island is a budget-friendly tour for all kinds of tourists. You can choose small beach huts, costing you 1000 per night. Contrarily, you can choose the lavishing villas or cottages. It will cost you between 9000 to 25,000 per night. Additionally, Havelock has that, too, for you if you are looking for something middle. Thus, you can find hotels which will range you around 3000 to 5000 per night.

Best Places to Visit in Havelock Island:
Have you gone through the introduction? Then now, you must be thinking of going to Havelock Island. But, before buying the tickets, look at the best places to visit on Havelock Island.

Radhanagar Beach:
In 2004 Time Magazine ranked Radhanagar beach as the best beach in Asia. Moreover, as soon as you land at Radhanagar beach, you will get to know why they ranked it 1st. It is the best place to sooth your mind and relaxes your body.

However, one of the most attractive things this beach offer is its gorgeous sunset. Suppose you are tired of your daily life and want to go to the lap of nature. Radhanagar beach is the best coastal escape for you.

However, here you can find amusing things too. Good news for the fun lovers. You can indulge yourself in scuba diving, parasailing, boating and many more.

Elephant Beach:
For adventure lovers, Elephant beach is heaven. However, it is known as the best beach in India. This beach contains many colourful coral reefs and a variety of designed fishes.

So, you can do many water sports here like Snorkeling and fish gaming. If you are more of a wildlife enthusiast, you can do bird watching, trekking and kayaking. It is one of the best places to visit on Havelock Island.

Kala Pathar Beach:
Kala pathar is located near Kala pathar village. The milky white sand and the black jumbo rocks are colligated. It will surely be a treat for your eyes. This place is very peaceful as the crowd is lesser here.

If you want to spend a few moments in peace and solitude in the middle of nature, you can go to Kala pathar beach. However, the captivating sunrise here is another stunning view of Kala pathar beach.

Cellular Jail:
If you are a person more thrilled with the history of India, then you can go to visit Cellular Jail. It is an old colonial prison known as ‘Kala pani’.
British rulers made it. They used to exile the patriots and political prisoners here and tortured them in every possible way.

These are the top 4 best places to visit on Havelock Island. Calm your mind and ease your body in Havelock Island.


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