shivam kr singh : youngest successful digital entrepreneur

How Shivam Kr Singh made his career?


Shivam Kr Singh builds his career in the digital marketing industry when there are lots of competitors in the market. In his beginning stage, he faces lots of struggles. he joins the internship program. during his internship, he learns more about digital marketing and web development. Shivam Kr Singh and his friend Varun Sharma decide to start providing digital services. when they’ve sufficient clients they decide to spread their business. that’s spread business named as “Zzonic Media”

What is zzonic media?

Shivam kr singh and Varun Sharma Started Zzonic Media in 2019. that provides digital services like social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, and all types of brands promotions. Zazonic Media has become very popular in India in a very less time span.

After that Shivam Kr Singh and Varun Sharma thought of giving something new to the people. Then he created a website called Magazine Max on which people can share their business ideas, startup stories, digital marketing knowledge, and many more.

How does Shivam Kr Singh know about Digital Marketing?

Shivam Kr Singh (29 Jan 2002)was brought into the world in the humble community Patna, the capital of Bihar. he finished his schooling(10th) at Shivam international school. Then, at that point he chooses to go to Delhi for advanced education, during his 12th he thinks about digital marketing and chooses to become familiar with advanced showcasing. from that point onward, he joined a digital marketing organization (Nsim).when he seeking after his graduation in (2019) he got a paid temporary position for digital marketing.

Shivam Kr Singh composed his first song (Zumba time) in step with his choice. In which Anshuman Tiwari and Hunter Prince Khalid have been additionally concerned with him. His song has been launched on 150+ platforms. In which Amazon Music, Spotify, Jio Savan, etc shivam kr singh is an Youngest Artist who has been creating Songs on his youtube since 2020.
Shivam  kr singh is an Indian Artist Living in Haryana, He is also a Rony
founder of( zonic Media Company) who want to increase their audience and presence on Google, Yahoo and Bing
Right now if you check him out on youtube and see that his channel is certified as music creator.


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