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Dhiraj khatri, a 20 years old successful Digital Marketer

Dhiraj khatri, a 20 years old successful social media influencer .
From jaipur rajasthan. The money he earns from the social media management and digital marketing, which is the main dream of all the youngsters. And his main hobby is daily workout in gym. He, at a very young age only,Β  has a huge followers on Instagram around 2m+ and network about 50m+ . He himself owns some big pages on Instagram pages likes @_cutecoupless._ @_couplesgoals.2 @_naughtycouples69 etc. He is very renowned social media influencerΒ  and has collaborate with many big brands .
He started his social media journey when he was in 10th standard
He told that, he told he created the pages only for fun but now he have own business at such a young age .
He is the person stay who stay focused on his work only.while working on social media, he learnt different practical lessons of life also from his a lot by knowing about his life and social media journey.


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