Rehan Katrawale to release his fiction ‘The Victims Control Everything’

Rehan Katrawale, Poet and Writer from Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, coming up with his fictional book titled ‘The Victims Control Everything’ this year.

After Astrabhuj, The Mystic Father, The Diary of a Perplexed Teenager, Rehan Katrawale now looking forward to release his next book this year which is going to be a crime fiction this time.

The story revolves around Abhay Raj Khanna, Mahima Arora, King Yaksha, Professor Bakshi, Dr. Dexter Stephen and many more.

‘The Victims Control Everything’ is a fiction involves thrilling twists and turns with a sprinkle of suspense. The story based on Abhay Raj Khanna, a fictional character who is people’s favourite. Khanna was a successful singer, poet and the most dominating celeb personality of India, met with an accident and underwent several surgeries. Crime Branch issued a statement after the involvement of King Yaksha in the case, who was a serial killer. They believed it was a pre-planned conspiracy against the most famous personality of India.

“There are so many elements of surprise. The conspiracy not only limited to national boundaries but to different parts of the world. Professor Bakshi will also be there, no doubt.” Rehan said.

With the involvement of Professor Bakshi we can assume this is going to be on another level.
The book is scheduled to release this year in both Kindle and paperback editions.

Rehan Katrawale’s last fictional book was Astrabhuj: Secrets of Drajjal suitable for all age groups but this time ‘The Victims Control Everything’ is suitable for mature audience only as it contains explicit content and strong language.

Rehan Katrawale who is known for his love poetries and has a image of ‘Katra Ka Shayar’. When it comes to writing fictional books we have witnessed a total different side of him.
Rehan Katrawale is a renowned Poet and Author from Katra Jammu and Kashmir.
Rehan’s books are available on all major platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart etc.

His upcoming book ‘The Victims Control Everything’ will be available for pre-order soon.

The books in the line-up are; The Mystic Father 2, Astrabhuj 2, Paradox: The Backstory all set to release in the coming years.



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