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How pollution affects hair and how to safeguard it

The first thing you need to do to keep pollution out of your hair is to realize that it is happening. This is not a drill, people. Pollution has bad effects on hair that can’t be ignored, especially since it could be the cause of a lot of problems even if you do everything else right. Even though your skin is probably already moist enough to keep pollution out (and from making you age faster than you should), your hair and scalp are often exposed to the elements.

Dust, dirt, and other types of pollution affect the hair and scalp in the same way that they affect the skin on our faces. They can also make it more likely that your scalp will have problems like flaking and itching, as well as clogged follicles and pimples. Also, pollution in the air, like smoke fumes, is more likely to stain porous hair, which is more likely to be blonde or grey.

Pollution can hurt you on the inside and on the outside. For example, if you live in a place with a lot of air pollution, you might be breathing in a lot of harmful toxins that hurt your health as a whole. And your hair isn’t any different. Pollutants can build up on your hair and scalp, which can cause greasiness, flakiness, itchiness, dandruff, hair breakage, and hair loss. Because the idea of pollution building up in our hair makes us squirm, we asked experts what we could do to stop pollution from getting into our hair and scalps.

How to Prevent Pollution Damage to Your Hair

Boost Up Your Antioxidants

Free radicals are made when your body is exposed to things like pollution, heat, and sunlight. You can look for products that have vitamins A, E, and C, beta-carotene, green tea, and other ingredients that are known to have antioxidant effects. Also, eating foods that are high in antioxidants will have an effect. Antioxidants are very good for you, so whether you get them from a product, a food, or a supplement, you can’t get too much of them.

Be sure to wash your hair with shampoo frequently.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but people often disagree about how often you should wash your hair, so it’s not as simple as it seems.

Put a Bandage on the Cuticle

If your cuticle is broken, your hair will get damaged, look dull, and pollution will be able to get in more easily. Make sure your cuticle is sealed so this doesn’t happen. Use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment once a week to help reduce porosity, seal the outer hair cuticle, and boost shine.

Sunblock Your Strands

UV can get into your scalp the same way it gets into your skin, and this makes the bad effects of pollution even worse. Since you can’t completely protect your hair and scalp from pollution, you can lessen its effects by using styling products with UV filters, free radical scavengers, and conditioning ingredients.

Chemical Free Natural Hair Colors that will keep your hair healthy and will protect it from pollution.

You can protect your hair with Chemical Free Natural Hair Colors and organic henna powder can be the best solution for this. It is essential to not only enjoy the hair-coloring procedure but also to make sure you’re utilizing the best hair dyes on the market. A natural hair dye won’t include any dangerous chemicals, produce better, healthier results, offer hair more shine and vibrancy, and reduce breakage.

Try a Protective Hair Treatment Serum

Like moisturizers do for our skin, a protective serum can add an extra layer to the scalp that pollution can’t get through. Creams, makeup, sunscreen, and other things that we put on our skin help to give it a little extra protection. Use a hair growth serum that is full of antioxidants to not only help your hair grow in a healthy way but also to protect it. Just don’t use too much or it will weigh the hair down.

Put Something Over Head to save your hair from pollution

Even though it’s not always the case, sometimes the easiest solution is also the best one. If you’re going through an area with a lot of pollution, you might want to wear a hat or wrap your hair in a scarf to protect it from the dirty air. Even though we don’t want to cover up our hair every day, this is as good a reason as any to put on that dad hat.


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