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An Inspiration Journey of India’s Youngest Ethical Hacker Ayush Patel


Ayush Patel an Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Expert. He is the founder and CEO of Ayush Security Solutions, a full-service IT Security  Company that Partners with Businesses.

The Boy who got 59% in class 10th, who lost hope of securing the future. Even when he applied through Distance Education, he failed in Mathematics  again in 12th class. However, everything’s changed for him now. He’s one of the youngest autodidact ethical hacker in the country.

Autodidact Ethical Hacker Ayush Patel

He is counted among the youngest self-made ethical hacker. He is one of the most abiding success stories in the filed of Cyber Security, His company from Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow and it is through his visionary and Compelling Leadership.

He is a very dedicated person when it comes to his work. he has been struggling for years for his career to manage  different kind of youngsters.  he has been diligently working for his dreams…

He believes that this is not enough for him and he is indefatigable. whatever he has achieved at a very young age might be everyone’s fantasy…


These are the human potentials of India, and nowadays Cyber Security and ethical hacking is running in everyone’s mind especially in Indian youths. You may see a lot more young Indian Cyber Security Experts that will be going into this list in the Coming Years.

India has witnessed tremendous progress over the years. The youth of the nation can be credited as one of the main factors. One such 19 years young boy named Ayush Patel, an Ethical Hacker/Cyber Security Expert from Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh state has marked his presence in the nation. Most of the area of his district is tribal but his achievements have proved his worth.

At the tender age of 15, He stepped into the world of Cyber Security and launched his first start-up Ayush Security Solutions in 2019. His first lecture was in Navodaya Vidyalaya Sitapur  On Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. Ayush also got bugs in Facebook, Arogya Setu App. He have been Recently Published in so many News Articles as “India’s Youngest Autodidact Ethical Hacker at 19”

Ayush have dedicated hard work and never-ending thrive to succeed led me to be one of the few cyber security experts who have accomplished so much in a short period of time, He was glowed up really well. With all my determination and consistent inputs Ayush managed to be ‘one of the youngest autodidact ethical hacker of the country’

His efforts are very well recognized and rewarded. Ayush is highly in demand for His services.

Ayush Says His journey is an inspiration for many and His life is a fantasy for the ones of my age. Since childhood, He was Passionate to learn about ethical hacking, Programming like stuff. It was quite challenging for me to prove that even without a formal education you can actually pursue a passion to build a fortune

He failed, went down, took risks, and stood up to the challenges of  life without fearing consequences. Throughout the journey, His parents  stood as pillars of strength and gave wings to the dreams of their child. They  believed in Ayush and His abilities and never forced the  societal conventions upon him.


No result is final and it’s your passion that takes you ahead in life. Ayush Patel is a proven example of this saying. He failed, went down, took risks, and stood up to the challenges of life without fearing consequences. Throughout the journey, his parents stood as pillars of strength and gave wings to the dreams of their child. They believed in Ayush and his abilities and never forced the societal conventions upon him. His story tells us that every failed person has a compartment of success in him that is waiting to be explored.




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