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K Subhankar, The youngest Entrepreneur making it big in the literary field.

K Subhankar,. Founder, Secrets Of Ink Publication — now one of India’s top Self-Publishing Companies, with a simple vision – to make publishing as easy as possible for all authors and writers. With seven years of experience and 2000+ projects under their name, the company is flourishing exponentially, giving a one-stop solution for the publishing of books in all genres and languages. Arshad and his team is constantly working towards expanding their reach, in order to help as many struggling writers as possible.

Tell us about the journey of Secrets Of Ink so far.

I started Secrets Of Ink with the vision of extending end-to-end services to writers, making the process a cakewalk for them. Initially, we had to make our brand known among the writing community and make them aware of the publishing process with Secrets Of Ink, and
this indeed was the real struggle as we had limited financial backup for any paid marketing strategy. it’s been a spectacular journeyβ€”a journey full of lessons, hardships, struggle, joy and moments that now define our lives.
What is self-publishing exactly and what services do you offer?
Self-publishing, as the term speaks for itself, is the process of getting one’s book published by themselves. You, as a writer, can design, edit, print, and distribute your work on your own, or you can hire a platform like Secrets Of Ink, which takes care of all the needs of the manuscript and brings it out in the market at a very reasonable cost to be borne by the writer. We offer end-to-end services ranging from filing the copyright application, editing, designing, and formatting to listing on online portals like Amazon.

Tell us about your business model and how it can reshape the publishing ecosystem.

Our business model is simpleβ€”we provide all publishing-related services to the writers and make the entire process easy for them. We are just like any other self-publishing platform, the difference being the world class service and dedicated and honest support that we present. We have already reshaped the face of book publishing by making the ghosts of rejections go away. With us, every writer stands a chance to reach the millions of readers waiting to read and appreciate their work.

We stand out from the rest not just in terms of professionalism and creativity that the team puts in each project, but also the fact that we stay in touch with our authors even after successfully accomplishing the publishing process to help them better market their stories, which deserve to be heard and read.

Secrets Of Ink is a self-publishing platform for Indian writers to publish and sell books around the world in both print and eBook form.

The company now has 150 publishing professionals. It has created a process where the author has complete control over the publishing process with expert hands guiding them throughout. β€œWe select the books. The content must not be defamatory or opinionated. In case the script is good but the language is poor then we suggest the writer.


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