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Meet Aman Verma , Young Cyber Security Researcher from Ghaziabad



Aman verma is just a 17 years old boy from Ghaziabad, Uttar pradesh. He is already a pro hacker and hacked many sites.His almost tricks are anonymous. Mr.Hacker has just cleared his 12 in 2021 and now pursuing Law and doing very good in it.


Most of the time, they do not usually have a motive other than stealing your data, but data breach has been done by mostly big companies who don’t even let us realise it. We can prevent this by making the right choices, but what we cannot prevent is people trying to get into our personal information targeting our particular self.

Phishing and Spoofing are so common in the modern world and people don’t have in-depth information about them. His honesty, confidence, courage, and sincerity also work in his favor. Being a white hat and cybersecurity specialist, he supposes he can help India in an immeasurable way.


Mr.Hacker has all the right qualifications required to not just teach hacking to a few people, but to a wider scale. With many Certifications in ethical hacking, Aman Verma has grown a lot as a young ethical hacker. However, how did he come up to this, and what actually motivated him to at once as an author for writing down an entire book?


Aman is superb and sincere, together with his work. He believes being a white hat and cybersecurity professional, he can serve India in an excellent way. He targets to be a complete-time professional, ethical hacker. Also, making it big along with his social media influencing, and of course, studying difficult and gaining pinnacle positions in teachers. Moral hacking is very crucial in state-of-the-art crime stuffed net. Darknet is indeed a problem, and ethical hackers are doing their level fine to tackle it. Aman knows that he is not the lone soldier and also is aware that the enemy is huge and threatening.


He aims to be a full-time and professional ethical hacker, and entrepreneur. He is trying hard to be a big Cyber Security (especially Instagram) influencer and attain high academic grades. With Instagram, he feels he is spreading a lot of awareness among the citizens. Hacking is something that everyone should know about he feels. His confidence, faith, spirit, and reliability also work in his favor. Being a white hat and cybersecurity specialist, he supposes he can extensively help India.


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