Monday, April 22, 2024

Anmol dhingra, the youngest influencer

Anmol dhingra is co founder of promedia!
Anmol, the 18 years old with his tremendous social media knowledge and stratigies, has done multiple and campaigns and known for his creativity and his management skills.
In the field of social media, he has running 4 pages @69gags @adultsutra @18plusgyan.
As a digital marketing influencer He, at a very young age only, has a huge followers base and network of around 6m+ people. In this young age he’s living a life on his terms from the money he earns from the social media management and digital marketing, which is dreamΒ  for all the youngsters.
He started his social media journey when he was in 10th standard and with his hardwork and smartness he self purchased an iPhone X which was at hype those days from his earnings. Since 10th standard he’s ruling the digital marketing game and making his dreams true by his self-earned money. What Anmol has achieved is a dream of many people in this competitive world beside his struggles.
The Anmol 18 year old has reached the crescendo of success with his eminent digital marketing skills and appealing content forum. He has redefined the way how social media should be


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