Rohan Kumar Choudhary, a young boy from Delhi has Reached New heights in Digital Marketing

Rohan Kumar Choudhary, a young boy from Delhi and in just 12th standard is proving it true why it is advised to start your side business on social media as early as possible. He, at a very young age only, has a huge followers base of around 5m+ and network of about 100m+! Not only that, in this young age only, he’s living a life on his terms only, from the money he earns from the social media management and digital marketing, which is the main dream of all the youngsters! He’s a foodie, he loves food alot. His main hobby is to eat different delicious foods and travel. He wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. His aim in life is to become one of the biggest businessman of his time and he has already achieved alot to reach that stage at this short age only.
He started his social media journey when he was in just 10th standard. He told that, the reason why he started a meme page on instagram was, he wanted to prove his worth to the world, that he got some potential too, he’s worthy too. He wanted to make a big name of himself, he wanted to prove that he’s not below anyone, and with his hardwork and smartness, he really proved that! Since 10th standard only, he’s living his life on self-earned money, when mostly everyone takes pocket money from their parents, which is itself a big achievement. One main reason to open up a meme page was, he wanted to make everyone happy through his talent of cracking good humour, in which he succeeded well through his renowned page, “Ghantagram Memes”.
Rohan is small by age, but he’s very mature by his actions, mind and experience. While working on social media, he learnt different practical lessons of life also, and the youngsters can get motivation from his a lot by knowing about his life and social media journey.
(Written by – Umang Agarwal, @theunderratedhuman)
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