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Arnold Bigg A White : Helping Independent artist and labels with branding, marketing and distribution

It Arnold Bigg A White: Helping Independent artist and labels with branding, marketing and distribution

Bigg A has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. born in Compton, California, he got under the wings of his childhood friend the late eazy-e. Bigg A was the owner of underworld records & tapes. an institution for hip hop culture in the city of Compton.

Bigg A has been a driving force in the marketing sales and promotion of some of the industries biggest artists.

Snoop Dogg, warren g, Dogg pound Daz Dillinger, Kurupt. n.w.a, king t, Lil eazy phrase of the westside connection, Lil eazy e & many more. currently, h,e, he is is is is VP at Dogg pound records with Daz and Kurupt he’s also the VP of a&r at rich & ruthless records, where he oversees the development and production of music for all up and coming artists and CEO of Bigg A Entertainment, LLC a label co-op distribution alliance that helps the sts and labels with branding, marketing and distribution

Also a cannabis brand co-owner alongside Lilll eazy E And Cj Malone the Brand Rich & ruthless premium cannabis is a California brand that’s is available throughout northern-southern California in about 81 dispensaries and is in talks with Califarms distribution to Aline and partnership to expand the brand in Oregon Seattle Denver and Nevada With the help of Nucl.Β  inc a publicly-traded company Arnold Bigg, A White has his site on extending the brand into the CBD business as well


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