Patan Riyaz Khan : Motivation Speaker / Social Worker From Andra Pradesh.

Patan Riyaz Khan is an Indian motivational speaker, author, and video creator . patan Riyaz Khan hailing from India, Prakhasm district of Andhra Pradesh. His Father Pathan peer khan is doing Kuli work. Besides motivational speaker patan Riyaz Khan Working as social worker, helping homeless people in private.

In a human mind there are many dreams to take up where some are within reach and some seems impossible.Though turning the resistant of dreams can be a difficult job to achieve ,it can become easy if someone skilled enough with the working of revelation joins along and guides us through the right path.

This is the sole reason why the trend of appealing with revelation and mind learning is picking up race in present time .out of the many specialists in this space we have one name who has done exceptional work and is known to give unwanted results.

He is patan Riyaz Khan ,who’s been the lawful guide in helping millions to attain their dreams and crave through the power of materialization.

patan Riyaz Khan has his own instagram and Facebook as well for the motivational video where he creates videos regarding the issues of youth and endeavors to encourage youth through his positive words. he get millions views on Facebook. His videos on Facebook have inspired millions and millions of people with his message to love life and live without limits.

Those who say that only people from big cities can fulfil their dreams, maybe they are not aware of the fact that in the era of the internet, everything seems to be a possibility.

Patan Riyaz Khan is the perfect example for those small-town folks who want to change their lives by using Social Media & other online Platforms. Patan Riyaz Khan had always taken an interest in writing.

While having a conversation with NEvs Asia , he said “It has been an exciting journey to be frank enough but not an easy one. To begin with, I will be sharing one important thing that is having dreams and being rational enough to pursue them I had always had had this aim and dream to contribute back to our society because it is a society that grooms us.

Patan helping many homeless childs he is doing best social work. and society is proud of him. he is an example for kindness.

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