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Building a Successful Business Requires These Three Things, Said Christel Barbie.


Christel Barbie is an entrepreneur and the co-owner of Wraptors Inc which is the biggest Car Wrap Boutique in Canada known for their amazing services. In our interaction, she gave three pieces of advice for a successful business venture. She believes in working hard and says that there is no substitute to it as she can be seen working tirelessly at Wraptors which is co-owned by his husband and serial entrepreneur Stas Kravchuk. The other two suggestions on her list are empathy towards customers and eye for artistic details in your product and services.

Why Hard-work Matters?

Christel Barbie said that there is no substitute to hard work. One might have many amazing ideas about how to take their business to the next level. But if they don’t work on those ideas, they are worthless. So, one should always focus on their next move and keep working hard until those ideas manifest themselves in reality. The beginners in entrepreneurship should work twice as hard because you have to figure out the right way of doing things and you will break things along the way. Delaying the process will lead to delayed result. This is the reason why hard work matters in entrepreneurship. 

Why Art and Empathy Matters?

Christel says that she has always been passionate about art. Art in any form excites her but when art meets usability, its use case multiplies and it becomes an innovation. Working as a Content Director at Wraptors Inc, she has learnt a lot during this journey and has always found a way to implement her learnings right away. Art also makes you empathetic and empathy helps you understand the pain points of the market and what do customers really need. If you look carefully, you will find that all great companies has an empathetic person behind its success.

“The reason why it takes time for many businesses to become successful because people running these businesses take too much time working on the feedbacks that they get from their clients and customers. Market is always telling you what it wants and what it doesn’t, you just need to be attentive and once you get the message, fix things that need to be fixed.”- Christel Barbie 

The Artistic Perspective in Businesses.

Christel Barbie said that Car Wrapping businesses has art in its soul. Customized make over of cars to make them look better needs creativity and that is when you need an artistic perspective. But it is not limited to one industry. If you are creative, you will find the connection between different domains and offer an artistic solution that does not exist before. 

The reason why Wraptors has become successful and has such a great following on internet and loyal customers because we make sure that everything looks aesthetically perfect.

Talking to Christel Barbie was amazing as she shared so many valuable insights with us that we are sharing over here. Christel is mother to three beautiful kids and she is an inspiration to all. To follow Christel on Instagram, click here on this link –


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