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Shishir Singh: Hustle for your life! You make your own luck!

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task as it requires a lot of dedication, hard-work , perseverance and the most important things, investment of time and money. Without it no business can outshine and it can never happen if the person is not outworking everybody else. 

We are here to tell you about an individual who thought differently and even started to earn money at an age of 19 whose name is Shishir Singh.

Shishir is currently pursuing his graduation from JBS, Noida while doing Social Media Marketing for various clients in India and abroad as well. He has  keen interest in stocks and got very much involved in Stock Markets and Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin in this Covid-19 Lockdown period only. 

The ability to learn and earn money in such small period of time amazed his friends and colleagues to such extent that looking at him as an example many of his friends have started to do social media marketing and investing in Stocks and Crypto. 

A lot of people fail in a business because they only had great ideas but not the will to win, work harder and make it happen because it takes everything and you can never make it big if you are not ready to risk it all. Shishir is not like them because he likes to play things pretty close to the chest as he loves taking risk and invest in companies, stocks etc.

He believes that hard work is necessary but to do smart work is the need of the hour in this era of digitalization.

His understanding of knowing what is it to actually make your own money and start to take responsibility at such an early age makes him different from many people of our own generation. We need more people like Shishir Singh.   

Right now, he is building his own market and in future he is planning to open a registered company under which he will provide many people jobs to earn money digitally through marketing, content writing etc.

Shishir is not only a man who values money but also the ethics and morals that are embedded into him by great upbringing from his family. He respects people who have similar understanding about being useful to people and support them in the time of need.

It is amazing to see such individuals who are trying different things and trying to lift their own standard of living from such an early age especially in India where most of the people here take money from their own parents and keep spending it without any care or hesitation. 

India needs more entrepreneurs and people who take risks and work hard as nothing comes easy in this world.  Keep Hustling Shishir, we know you will make it big someday in long run.

Follow him on Insta to know him and to know how to earn digitally:




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