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Ibtehaj Hassan’s firm Automated Ventures help his clients to make multi-six-figure income within a year

In the 21st century, many of us are not relying on having a traditional job. Be it a government job or a private, a certain percentage of people are not interested in working under their boss anymore. This rebellious state of mind has created some unexpected choice of jobs which our parents, even the children of 90’s never mentioned while writing paragraphs on “Your Aim In Life” in school.

The need for the world has changed drastically. The playground has shifted to Play station, and family ludo sessions also transferred to the android version of Ludo King. The COVID-19 pandemic made the world more dependent on digital platforms. The number of digital marketing agencies has grown like phytoplankton in a pond. The global recession brought massive depression all over the world, and people started to rely on comedy videos for entertainment.

Ibtehaj Hassan and his mother’s video went viral on social media during the lockdown period. Many people shower love on them, and one fine day Ibtehaj Hassan created LOLibtehaj on various social media platforms to entertain us. His followers love the purity of his videos. Small jokes delivered by his mother is very famous.

Ibtehaj Hassan was born and brought up in New York City. He lives there with his family and leads a happy and healthy life. Ibtehaj Hassan wanted to become a doctor from childhood, but after graduating from college, Ibtehaj Hassan decided to become an entrepreneur. He joined a fast-food restaurant. Gradually he shifted to become the owner of a restaurant. After getting enough capital money for investment, Ibtehaj Hassan started an e-commerce company named Automated Ventures. He tied up with Amazon and opened a store there. Ibtehaj Hassan managed to earn a good profit from this business, but he always wanted to help others in their journey. This altruistic personality forced him to open a consultancy where he guides other new budding entrepreneurs to grow their business. Ibtehaj Hassan has seen a lot of struggle, and he does not want any other person to go through this hardship. He believes that entrepreneurship is not always like going through a kakorrhaphiophobic situation whenever you want to take care of the responsibilities.

The adroit employees of Ibtehaj Hassan’s Automated Ventures work hard to satisfy their clients. Ibtehaj Hassan is planning to do something big next year. He will make Automated Ventures a multimillionaire brand in 2021. The gelastic videos created by Ibtehaj Hassan and his family members prove that comedy does not need slang but humor. If you are witty, and your sense of humor is natural to your personality, then you do not need to make fun based on gender. You may stay out of using curse words too. Nowadays, a maximum number of stand-up comedians rely on slang to give a burst of hardcore laughter to their audience. Comedy is natural. It is not a robotic process of rocket science. Take it easy and live a happy life.


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