Al-Safahat is the the leading brand for organic skincare and hair care in India

If you have a passion to grow, and you want to become the hero of your imagined success story, then a lot of opportunities will cross your path if you are determined enough to find them. In the 21st century, we have become liberal, and the acceptance of gender equality has changed the social structure. Nowadays women empowerment has reached another level of priority. Parents are more interested in spending money on educating their daughters, than arranging money for a huge amount of dowry for the groom’s family.

Ayeesha Aquib is a housewife and mother of two children. She launched a brand named Al-Safahat in 2018. The specialty of this brand is they sell organic skincare and hair care products, which has helped many people to say goodbye to their age-old skin problems.

The first organic skincare and hair care product which Al-Safahat launched was the organic Saffron Gel, which gradually became one of the best selling product of this home-based company. The unique formula of Ayeesha AquibΒ has changed the game of the market.

The organic Saffron Gel of Al-Safahat is a combination of Vitamin E, Glycerin, Saffron, and many essential oils. The combination of these beautiful products created an amazing formula that is free of any harsh effects of chemical substances and heals the problems organically yet permanently. This famous Saffron Gel of Al-Safahat has become the night time companion of many customers who used this. The organic Saffron Gel helps to get rid of any type of acne scars and dark spots. The presence of Vitamin E and saffron tighten the pores and reduce the aging of the skin. Including this unique formula in daily nighttime, a skincare routine enhances the skin textures.

After getting an overwhelming response from the happy customers who used the Saffron Gel, Ayeesha Aquib launched several new products ofAl-Safahat. The products are all organic and cruelty-free. Their newly launched organic skincare and hair care products are 24k Gold Elixir, Eye roll-on, Luxurious Hail Oil, Acne Face Mask, Baby Massage Oil with Saffron, Lip Scrubs in three different Variants, Cucumber Fairness Day Cream, Anti Acne Gel, Oats and Saffron Face Pack, Calamine Face Pack, Bridal Glow oil, and Glow and Shine Ubtan. All these products were launched in July 2018.

By the end of 2019, Ayeesha Aquib launched 11 gels and creams, 5 serums, 7 face packs, 4 face scrubs, and the best-selling face wash along with other several products of Al-Safahat. After the organic saffron Gel, Aqua Pearl Serum became their next best selling during the winter season of 2018.

Ayeesha Aquib conducted the first exhibition of Al-Safahat at Sahil Hotel, Mumbai in 2018. The brand got recognized by many well-known makeup artists who started to use Al-Safahat 24k Gold Elixir as a primer. It hides the pores and makes a good canvas to apply before make-up. During winter, Aqua Pearl Serum of Al-Safahat became one of the best selling products of this organic skincare and haircare brand.

Al-Safahat has launched their new website, in November 2020, with their new launch, β€˜The Complete Hair Care’ package for adults.

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