Story of a Mother who gave a new life to Her Son

A 16 year old boy ask his Mom: “Mom, what are you going to get me for my 18th birthday ??”
The Mother answers, “son that’s still a long way”
The boy turns 17 & one day he went into comma.
His Mom took him to the hospital & the
doctor said “Madam your child has a bad heart”.
The child Says, “did he tell you I’m going to die?
Mom Starts crying” The boy finally recovers on
his 18th Birthday, he comes home & on his bed was a letter his mom had left him. The letter said “Son if you are reading this, is because everything went well. Remember the day you asked me what was I going to give you on your 18th birthday & I didn’t know what to Answer you?? “I gave you my heart” take care of it and happy Birthday Son” The mother was dead coz she had to give up her heart to her son Nothing is bigger than MOM’s Heart…

If you don’t love your MOTHER
just ignore this but remember
God is watching
That’s why MoM spelled upside down is WoW !

I ? my Mom .



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