The Strong Between The SHOWSTOPPERS Bandmates Serves Solid Live Performances

The music industry has seen the rise and fall of many stars. Lots of individual artists, duos and bands, who all have seen the great heights of fame and been decorated with accolades. But nothing is legendary if your friends aren’t there to see it.

Delhi based band ShowStoppers is pretty legendary based on just their strong bond with each other. Having versatile vocal and sonic talents are add ons to this band’s friendship.

The group was founded by Sagar Dawar and has two singers – Rao Gaurav and Ragini Goswami, hypemaker Bhuvan Singh, DJ Abhi, Rinku the dhol player and Tarun Raj the percussionist.

The ShowStoppers play live at events like weddings, receptions, shows and parties. They realise that the people who come there all have different tastes in music, but this realisation doesn’t intimidate the ShowStoppers. They always deliver their best and bring enjoyment to everyone.

Rao and Ragini serve the best vocal deliveries and inject a new life to all the songs that they choose to play. No genre scares them, with their talents performing any song is a cakewalk.

Another important aspect of live shows is the music. It has to be played when the singers are performing but also when the singers are off stage. The background music is the soundtrack of an event, it has to melt into the event’s theme and also stand out enough for people to hear it and enjoy it.

ShowStoppr’s DJ Abhi is an internationally acclaimed Disc Jockey. He finds the pulse of every party and gets everyone grooving. He has performed internationally: Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Hong-Kong Indonesia. He has also worked with the Punjabi music sensation Jassi Gill and made an official mashup, it was released by Speed Records Label On 9xTashan.

Rinku’s contribution on the dhol adds the much loved Indian twist to the ShowStoppers’ performances. The familiar beats of the dhol draws everyone out to the dance floor. Tarun Raj’s skilful playing on the percussion side adds an upbeat touch to the whole gala.

Every one of ShowStoppers members brings something unique to the table, they all might be different but fit together like puzzle pieces and when they all are performing together – it is a feast to the ears.

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