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“MONAL” a fastest growing Indian Brand

In this pandemic times you must have seen many things coming online and growing. We have also covered a story of “MONAL” a fastest growing Indian Brand in the field of home appliances and metal, kitchenware.

Monal, a brand registered under Far Kitchenware Pvt. Ltd. and it is authorized to sell Appliances & Metal Kitchenware . The owner of Far Kitchenware Pvt. Ltd. belongs to Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand and manages his own business. In 2019, when Mr. Faisal, owner of Far Kitchenware and his friend Rakesh Saklani were on Kedarnath trip, saw a beautiful bird, from where he got inspiration for his brand name, that is, Monal. Himalayan Monal is the state bird of Uttarakhand. Mr. Faisal was so mesmerized with the beauty of this bird, he decided at the moment that Monal is going to be his brand name.

Being so young Faisal Khan is an inspiration to many people as at this age he has completely launched is brand and also making a good profit and name in the market

His company’s moto is to provide best quality Made in India products to their customers. The aim of making the website is to provide best and high quality products at an affordable price to the people all over India. Till August 2020, they were selling our products only in our state, i.e., Uttarakhand, from where they got an excellent response. They are really thankful to the people who have shown trust on them and their products. Now they are planning to sell their products all over India and with this purpose they have started the website.

All of their Digital Marketing work is being taken away by Shivam Bangwal, a young digital marketer , celebrity manager and a social media expert.

Monal is the one of the successful and growing made in Uttarakhand brand which has also given jobs to many peoples across India. Some of their products are Mixture grinders, fans, table fans and water bottles. They have made their all products in a good range with low cost of labourers which has decreased their product price.

Their motto is to make Monal a Big brand and provide their goods to the Indian peoples at very good and affordable price.



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