Magic hands of Surbhi Singhal

Mrs. A positioned herself in front of the chiffonier mirror and took inventory. Make-up was minimal, reserved for a sweep of mascara. Too much tumbleweed hair, but nothing was new there. Lips could use some gloss.

Miss B would describe her makeup as war paint. She used her sexuality as a weapon. She could twist men around her little finger and make the party girls jealous. She used it as part of her expression, probably a wee bit lost without it.

All the A ladies out there who wish to be B, all they have to do is get in touch with India’s premier makeup artist Surbhi Singhal. Unleash their inner Goddess with a gorgeous makeover by Surbhi and create their own story.

With over six years of expertise reinventing faces, Surbhi, 38, is also a mom to a 19-year-old damsel and an 18-year-old hero. She is indeed an influence for the full-fledged women empowerment epic writers.

Every woman fancies to show her best and feel positive on her wedding day. An acknowledged, imaginative, and artistic makeup artist like Surbhi Singhal can make a marked difference by making the bride look breathtakingly sumptuous and camera-ready on her day.

Moreover, having a strong determination and passion for her profession, she had an eye to ace the perfect look with her makeup skills. Also, she believes that makeup magnifies the beauty which an individual already carries. Having intricate details about this field, she is providing online classes to her fans. She is of the view that the preferences of the followers should always be a priority. For her followers, she always comes up with unique makeup and skincare videos which are always appreciated thousands of people over social media. The praise she gets for her talent gives her a feeling of euphoria.

Celebrities like Gauhar Khan and substantial personas like Minakshi Dutt have gone gaga for Surbhi, and the table is unending. Freelancing is the necessity of the moment, Singhal believes.

The academy run by Surbhi already has 2000 students making the most of the free education and a rare but ecstatic possibility.

Surbhi Singhal provides an impeccable, novel, and extraordinary makeup service for weddings, special occasions, and celebrity look books. Her sincere dedication to making her patrons look astonishing, feel ridiculously attractive, and wondrously confident at the same time is profoundly commendable.

If you wanna get touch up your face, get into touch with her. She provides her freelancing services on PAN India basis.

Instagram – @makeupstoriesbysurbhi

Facebook :- Makeup Stories by Surbhi


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