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Male Saurabh Suman : Masters In Social Work from Delhi

India at present is in developing stage. Everything is developing at a very rapid speed however there are few areas which we need to look thoughtfully as there are huge number of individuals living in exceptionally decayed and destitution-stricken conditions. For the most part, the term ‘improvement’ is utilized and perceived regarding financial turn of events. However, it is more than absolutely financial and physical. It is straightforwardly related with fulfilment which may have close to nothing or nothing to do with target factual measures, for example, GNP, GDP or per capita pay.
The objectives and needs, and the staging of monetary turn of events, are profoundly influenced by and large social change prerequisite. A significant part of advancement is that it is concerned about improving the general welfare assistance of individuals. It incorporates something beyond expanded profitability; it incorporates the subsequent ascent in the capacity of individuals to devour the things they need to improve their degree of living.

Social development includes a wide scope of issuesโ€”social and financial correspondence, general education, wellbeing and food security, arrangement of lodging and sterilization conditions, protecting climate, upliftment of vulnerable part of society, rearrangement of abundance, moral turn of events, and so on. All these might be viewed as pointers of social development. It can’t be perceived in detachment. It is essential for a broader cycle of social transformation.
In this Social development process, we came to know about Saurabh Suman. Social Worker by profession and by passion- that is what defines him. He was born on 12 January 1993, his fatherโ€™s name is Mr. Manoj Kumar, Motherโ€™s name is Mrs. Aradhana and sisterโ€™s name is Ms. Shruti Kiran. He has done his Bachelors and Masters in Social Work discipline. He is from Delhi, India.
Saurabh is working on basic social policy values, such as equality of opportunity, solidarity and participation. He is also continuously working so that long term social policy investments in society can be promoted sustainable development and economic growth. He believes that education, health and social protection systems provide people with an opportunity to develop from their own resources and live independently.

Saurabh is working on essential social arrangement esteems, for example, uniformity of chance, fortitude and investment. He is likewise constantly working so that drawn out social strategy interests in the public eye can be advanced practical turn of events and financial development. He believes that education, wellbeing and social security frameworks furnish individuals with an occasion to create from their own assets and live independently.

Saurabh has pursued this career in his early stage of his life, and he is continuously trying to bring a change for the needy ones in the society. This inspiring journey is a good example for a person who is looking to do betterment for the society and has decided to dedicate his life in supporting the weaker section of the overall population.


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