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Mr. Fotka won the best writer status for the third time

Popular Indian musician and writer Mr. Fotka has won the best writer status for the third time. A report in this regard was published last Monday in which it was confirmed that Mr. Fotkar’s name is also among the list of best writers.

Sadif Raihan popularly known as Mr. Fotka. This young star was born on 01 September 1999 in Kolkata, India.

He dabbled in music at a very young age.

He has worked in one after another extremely successful music. It is said that there is no great musician in the country without his touch.

In addition to music, Mr. Fotka is also unique as a writer. He has kept his name in the list of the best writers for 3 consecutive years. He wrote various educational stories, science-based writings, protest writings and protesting injustice in satirical language. Due to these writings, his popularity on social media is wide


The organization “Writers and Readers Forum” which publishes the list of the best writers annually has confirmed his name among the best writers.


Talking about it, Mr. Fatka said, “I just tried to write something that no one might have written before, to say something that no one has said before. I didn’t think people would like it. I also didn’t think people would show me so much love for the third time. So grateful. I owe them all this love.”


Mr. Fotka is a popular musician and author. A few days ago, he got a call in Bollywood for music work. Also received several awards for music.


Mr. Fotka entered the world of music at a very young age and succeeded in catching people’s attention very quickly. He has a great reputation as an outstanding musician.

He made his first solo music debut with “Relax”. This Music was very popular on spotify and youtube music.

After receiving the response from the fans, he came out with several singles of his music.

Meanwhile, he continued to write at the same rate. And as a result of this, he has been included in the list of the best writers for the third consecutive time.


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