Monday, April 22, 2024

Graphic designer Became biggest Content Creator of Central India with 150m+ Content base

A 19 year old boy Rishav Jaisani, born and bought up in a small town Dewas, near Indore (M.P)ย  has emerged substantially in the market of digital world.
In the modern era of memes and video-editing, this Content Creator – Graphic Designer is producing a huge content on daily basis. 3 years ago he started initially as a normal content creator and now he is leading a pack of 8 content creatord with his company Ri- DESIGN.
Speaking of numbers, he is creating content for 150M+ followers.
While most of the people at his age, in general either do parties and stuff or work aimlessly, Rishav is constantly working on himself and his company.
He is providing content and insights not only to foreign businesses but has also created content for most of the movies and designed their marketing strategy.
Apart from this, he is now helping Indian brands to grow organically. He seeks their social media platforms – Youtube , Instagram and what not to boost their sales.
His approach to life, as quoted by him is – “Believe in yourself-like it’s a religion.” He has grown enormously that now he’s earning a 6-figure income.
Now he is in hunt for new and fresh talent. He desires for making more Content-Creators like him.
“Every end has a start and every start needs a step-up. The journey is full of ups and downs,but your determination keeps you going “- says Rishav. Our nation needs more entrepreneurs like him.


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