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How to Rock Chucks with Dresses and Skirts

The Chuck Taylor Shoes are great to be worn with any kind of casual outfit and these shoes are very versatile. The shoes are worn by young girls and ladies who want to go for a more casual look. These types of shoes complement day looks as well as the more dressier night party looks. 

The chuck shoes are great with dresses and skirts. If you are a girl and want to experiment with different dress lengths and styles, adding a pair of chuck shoes to the outfit can be a great idea.

The next part of this article has some amazing and easy styling tips to implement with Chuck shoes to be the talk of the party. Even if you are going for a day look, these shoes are relaxed and perfectly stylish for any kind of day outing with the girls. 

Pair the shoes well with dress length 

When choosing to wear the Chuck shoes, the dress length matters a lot. The chuck shoes have a higher top end and so they are great with shorter silhouettes. If you are going for the high top chucks, then you should wear them with short and mini skirts to create a taller look. 

Utility Woven Skirt
Utility Woven Skirt

You can also pair such shoes with short dresses and skater dresses for a day gathering or brunch with your best friends. First look at the dress length and then go for a pair of chucks that suit the length. Even midi dresses can do well with chucks but then the chucks should be low top in style. The low top chucks can also go well with denim jeans and worn every day. 

Experiment with different style of sneakers 

Chucks shoes are very high functional and you can create different looks with the same pair of chuck shoes. the Chuck Shoes in classic black and white colour can be paired with a multitude of dresses and skirts. These shoes are usually high top and high tops are great for short lengths and the more modern styles. 

Low-top chucks can be paired with any kind of dresses and outfits if you have the confidence to wear them well. However, if you really want to to play it cool and high fashion, pair a short dress with a pair of premium high top chuck shoes and make heads turn. The high top shoes give you a little height and add more flair to any casual outfit. 

Contrast the patterns and textures 

When choosing a pair of chucks for your next outfit, always try to match the colour with at least one element of your outfit. You can contrast the colour of the chucks with the colour of your outfit. You can also choose chucks in different patterns that can be paired with contrasting patterns. 

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If you are wearing a dress to a gathering, you can choose chucks that have floral patterns and delicate colours. You can go for bolder colours and patterns if you want to create an edgy vibe. On the other hand, classic sneakers in black or white with lines drawn can also be worn for semi-formal occasions or casual outings. 

Try Layering the Outfit 

When wearing anything, the right way to style it is by layering. Do not simply focus on the chucks, but think about what you are wearing to layer the main dress. You can wear a denim jacket or a fur jacket with a mini dress or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. This will go really well with classic white chucks. 

Converse Chuck can also work with outfits that have daintier jewellery, like pendants and long chains. If you are wearing the chucks for a winter look, then you can swap the jacket for an oversized cardigan or a zip hoodie for a cool outfit idea. 

Add Your Favourite Accessories  

When completing a layered look with Chucks, you should also add accessories. You can add some simple jewellery like pendants, chains, and earrings. You can also add one ring or stackable midi rings to the look for a dressier feel. You can also add a sling bag or clutch to carry with you the casual look when you are going out. The accessories should complement the look and not overpower it. Also, go for understated accessories with the chucks that do not look too gaudy or glittery. 

Final Thoughts  

Converse Chuck 70 shoes are a pair of cool shoes that you can wear on any casual or semi-formal occasion. The chucks are good for girls and women who want to create a playful vibe around their outfits. Chucks can come in different colours and patterns, and you can pick according to your style and dress. At Converse, you will find new Chucks coming in every season, and you can refresh your shoe cabinet with sneakers from the newest season.


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